Baby Hunter is born

Andrew sent me a photo of Hunter Wednesday morning (Aug 29th, 2018) shortly after he was born. It was a bit of a shock even though I knew there was a good chance he'd be born that day. They'd known for some time that he was not in the correct position. Tina had a doctor's … Continue reading Baby Hunter is born


Our move

Yesterday, we moved several miles south, from our townhouse apartment at 2300 Diamond Mesa Trail SW in Albuquerque, to 6321 Howe Dr SW. It's a nice and fairly large ranch home, and still within the Sage Ward boundaries. It's owned by Darrell and Roleen Rasband, who are currently serving a mission in the Dominican Republic. They … Continue reading Our move

Sacrament Meeting Talk – Ministering to Future Members

Here's my first talk as a High Councilman, given August 19 2018 in the Ladera Ward, Los Lunas Stake, New Mexico. The topic we have been assigned to speak about this month is “ministering to future members”. What comes to your mind when I say that? (ministering to future members). Why would the stake presidency … Continue reading Sacrament Meeting Talk – Ministering to Future Members