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Polishing Temple Marble

Last week, I received a message from the Bishop, which had been forwarded from the Stake President, which was a message from Loren, the Temple Engineer, which had been forwarded by the Temple President, looking for help. The Temple is shut down this entire month while they do some major work, including replacement of floor … Continue reading Polishing Temple Marble


Entrepreneurial Update, April 2018

I know I've had posts like this in the past, each time thinking I'm finally well on my to success, only to see my ideas, hard work and investment end in failure without producing any results. So I'm hesitant to, once again, post an update like this, but it's  different this time -- really! 🙂 … Continue reading Entrepreneurial Update, April 2018


Portion of an email message from Dave Salisbury, Sage Ward High Priests Group Leader: I have been reading in Mosiah, the final address of king Benjamin.  In Chapter four, verses 5-10, a pattern of belief and living is established.  Verse 11 makes a powerful statement regarding belief turning into knowledge and what happens after this … Continue reading Pride