Our Anniversary Weekend in Santa Fe

Susan and I celebrated the 7th anniversary of our Temple Sealing by spending the weekend in Santa Fe. The actual date of our anniversary is Sept 17th, but we waited until Susan had time off from school for Fall Break. We dropped Elmo (the dog) off with Debra, a friend of Paul's, the dog's owner, … Continue reading Our Anniversary Weekend in Santa Fe


Playing in the backyard

We're really enjoying the backyard of the Rasband's home. It's pretty large with some good-sized trees and a watered lawn. It would be especially great if we had grandchildren visiting us. There's a playset, monkey bars, and even a tree-house. Plus a see-saw, which we enjoyed Friday evening: https://youtu.be/V_OuGCl3sV4 We're still trying to get Elmo … Continue reading Playing in the backyard