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Sunday Feb 19 2017

In the past month, I've been looking for a job, we were visited by Susan's nephew, Michael, and his family, Susan got shingles, and I'm making slow progress wih my business. I'll start with Susan. She hasn't felt well for about 3 weeks - missing church 2 weeks ago because she was so weak and … Continue reading Sunday Feb 19 2017


The launch of

Today I officially launched It is a press release writing and distribution service. A little background - when we moved to Albuquerque in September, I told everyone that I was planning to start a business here. This, of course, wasn't the first time I've made such an announcement. I've been hoping and trying to do … Continue reading The launch of

Father’s Day

I had a great Father's Day despite being ignored by one of my children.  During church, I had the opportunity to visit Primary and felt inspired to share this Father's Day message with them. I asked the children to raise their hands if they have a father, then asked them to raise their hands if … Continue reading Father’s Day