An historic General Conference (April 2018)

Yesterday (Saturday), we managed to watch all 3 sessions of General Conference, despite having to also clean the chapel in the morning, prepare food for Brother Mora's funeral, and attend the funeral and meal afterwards. The first session was a "Solemn Assembly" where we sustained our new Prophet - Russell M. Nelson, and 2 new … Continue reading An historic General Conference (April 2018)


A busy Spring Break

This has been a very interesting week. Susan's been off due to Spring Break so we've done a couple of things out of the ordinary. It started last Saturday with breakfast with the Salisburys. On Monday, we went to a movie - "A Wrinkle In Time". Bro. Winebrenner had suggested we take the grandkids to … Continue reading A busy Spring Break


Portion of an email message from Dave Salisbury, Sage Ward High Priests Group Leader: I have been reading in Mosiah, the final address of king Benjamin.  In Chapter four, verses 5-10, a pattern of belief and living is established.  Verse 11 makes a powerful statement regarding belief turning into knowledge and what happens after this … Continue reading Pride