Christmas 2017

We made 3 types of cookies and delivered most of them on Thursday and finished the rest on Saturday. Yesterday (Christmas eve) was Sunday, and we only had Sacrament meeting, which started at 1:00 pm. It was a beautiful service with music and short talks about Christ's birth. In two weeks we rotate to the … Continue reading Christmas 2017

Ward Christmas Party 2017

The Sage Ward held it's annual Christmas part last evening. This one was different for us because was assigned to produce a play. It turned out to be quite a project and has caused her a lot of anxiety for the past 2 weeks. The play was a portrayal of Christ's birth and the events … Continue reading Ward Christmas Party 2017

My favorite rendition of my favorite Christmas song

This was performed in 2014 and I've listened to it many times. I just love the way the choir, orchestra, and The King's Singers blend together to create this masterpiece. Mack Wilberg did an amazing job of arranging and conducting. (As a side note, the song also reminds me of Michael when we was around … Continue reading My favorite rendition of my favorite Christmas song