Thanksgiving 2021, etc

After going a couple months without seeing Andrew, Tina, and family, we saw them 3 times in 5 days. They needed baby-sitting help while they helped with moves. Their moving business has been doing very well, but they have trouble keeping good employees. On top of that, Hunter and Harper were sick so they couldn’t go to daycare (although I guess only Hunter is currently enrolled).

They also invited us to their house today (Sunday) for a late Thanksgiving celebration, but we backed out last minute because I’m not feeling real well – something I believe I caught from their kids. Susan had it, too, but has been taking a lot of Vitamin C, which does seem to help.

Anyway I wanted to mention that we had 5 people for dinner a week before Thanksgiving (the two Sister missionaries and some investigators – a woman and two of her grown children – Milly, Denise, and Sam). Then last Sunday, we had the Elders for dinner. There were four, but two are trying to find another apartment.

On Thanksgiving day, we had hoped to have Andrew, Tina and the kids here for dinner, but they were too exhausted from recent moves. We also invited Craig Frank, who’s here without his family and kind of an investigator, but his work schedule is very demanding and he couldn’t make it either. So it was just me and Susan. We had a planned a pretty big meal, but cut back a bit. The turkey ended up taking all day to cook so we were kind of glad no one came. Susan put it in the oven at 1 pm and it finally reached the proper temperature at 8:30. Of course, it didn’t help that we had to open the door so many times to check the temperature. That slowed it down a bit. We were worried that it would come out dry and tough, but it was perfect! We were also very hungry by then.

On Friday, we joined the many “Black Friday” shoppers by purchasing a tree and decorations. When we got back home, Susan began to quickly redecorate our home, particularly the living room, for Christmas in anticipation of a visit by my siblings and their spouses the following day for a little After-Thanksgiving party. Mary recently turned 60 and her husband, Kevin, turned 60 yesterday, and Ginger wanted to do something special so she found a nearby winery and invited everyone to meet there before coming here. I had planned a toast and told Ginger about it ahead of time. It’s probably good that I told her. Otherwise I think I would have completely chickened out at the last minute. It ended up being awkward, and I didn’t say everything I intended, but here’s what I had planned to say (or some variation):

We’re here today, in part, to celebrate Mary and Kevin’s 60th birthdays. This is big event, but I wasn’t sure if I should treat it like a party or a funeral. Mary and Kevin, I want say to you “what took you so long?”. Join the club! It’s about time you joined the rest of us! But seriously, turning 60 isn’t so bad. The good news is that you have 10 more years until you’re 70 when things really start to fall apart! And you have 40 years until you’re 100! I know what you’re thinking. That’s a very long time, but it could happen and you need to plan now! It’s time to figure out what you want to be when you really grow up, if you know what I mean. And Mary (as Don Rickles would’ve said) I want to say to you from the bottom of my heart — you’re a lousy sister! Oh sure it was fun being your big brother when you were about this high (3 to 4 ft.), but that all changed when you turned about 12 or 13. It’s been a painful relationship ever since! Every time I see you I am reminded of how young you are and how old I am! I have to be honest with you – I’m getting tired of it! Why couldn’t you be more like your big sister, Ginger? She’s only 2 years younger than me — but you! — 9+ years! That’s insane! But in all sincerity, I love you, Mary, and your hubby Kevin (did I get his name right? Short term memory loss is real, people!), I hope the two of you celebrate many more “happy birthdays” together. And I hope you live a very, very long time – and in good health, because that way you’ll be able to take care of the rest of us!

I managed to get out about 3/4ths of what I was planning to say, It was a little jumbled to say the least, but they seemed to enjoy it. And we really enjoyed having them here after the winery visit for sandwiches and other goodies. Ginger even made a chocolate cheesecake and we sang “Happy Birthday” to Mary and Kevin. Everyone fit perfectly in our living room.

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