Photo from my mission

This photo showed up on Facebook some time ago after I started connecting with some of the missionaries I served with in Japan. It was taken in the Spring of 1982 while I was serving in the Hombu (Sendai mission home).

On Sundays, we would hold a Priesthood meeting outdoors mostly for the missionaries (as I recall). I’m thinking it had to be just outside the Sendai chapel, but not 100% sure. Elder Cooper (seated) usually taught the lesson. I’m not sure why he’s the only one seated — maybe he was getting transferred. The others were either serving in the Hombu or in the Sendai area at the time.

He (Jeff Cooper) posted the photo again recently and I jokingly commented that I was sorry for ruining the shot (by giving him rabbit ears). He responded that it was a memorable day and he loved everything about the photo. I’m glad. It’s become one of my favorites as well.

Outside Sendai Chapel?, Sendai, Japan, Spring 1982. Elder Jeff Cooper is seated. From left to right are: Elder Hokinson (sp), Elder Michael Spencer peaking over his shoulder, Sister Ann Ward; unknown brother peaking over her shoulder, Elder Dale Hollingshead, me, Brother Shima, and Elder Thomas Baker.

I was transferred to Oodate in early June 1982, not long after this photo was taken, to begin a new and exciting chapter in my mission as a senior companion.

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