Sept 12 2121

I need to do some catching up again.

Emily visited us on Sep 1st, a Wednesday. We took her to Bogeys Bar & Grill, the same place we went with Matt & Cindy. It was another pleasant visit. She’s enjoying her calling as a Relief Society teacher. Her job is going well, but I think she feels she need’s more of a challenge. She really enjoyed her visit to Utah and to Oregon to visit Kendall, and others. She’s not currently considering a move back to Utah.

Susan has visited an orthopedic surgeon, a pain specialist, and had x-rays taken of her shoulder. The pain doctor says her arm and shoulder issues are unrelated to her neck problems. Next up is an EMG test to check her nerves. We’re making slow progress.

We visited Andrew, Tina, Hunter, and Harper 3 times in the past 2 weeks. We babysat while Andrew and Tina celebrated their 4th anniversary at Gervasi’s. We returned 3 days later to celebrate Hunter’s birthday. Last Saturday we watched the kids so Andrew & Tina went to a movie.

We’ve been meeting with a guy at Lowes to design a new kitchen. With an estimate of around $25k, it won’t be happening anytime soon. We certainly couldn’t recover the investment if we were to sell the house within the next few years. Although we like our home, it’s not exactly our dream home. I’m hoping to still have an opportunity to build that, although Susan is ready to really settle down.

We’re moving forward with plans to help local business clients promote coupons using Facebook, my website, and a coupon bot I created. We hired someone to build out a sales funnel and crm to manage the sales process. We really need to make this business work and are optimistic.

We watched a movie named “The Secret” that basically helps us understand the power of positive thinking. Susan has really taken it to heart and begun a “gratitude journal” where she records her blessings on a daily basis.

The next couple of months are looking very busy. We’ll be driving to North Carolina on Friday to attend Clair’s wedding. On the way back, we stopping at Virginia Tech (my college) and the New River Gorge National Park.

Then Susan will be flying to Las Vegas on Oct 5th for a very short visit with Wendy, and then on to Seattle on the 6th. She’ll spend the bulk of her time with Derek, helping him to clean and organize his house, and provide some support while he and Katrina work through their issues. Of course, Susan also hopes to spend time with Kacy and Curtis and their families, and with Anita. She’ll be returning Oct 16th.

We are also planning to visit Mark and Anita when they visit Green Bay, Wisconsin at the end of October. We’ll stop at the Chicago Temple on the way.

Susan talked to Katrina a couple days ago and they are tentatively planning to visit us for Gentry’s birthday which will be around Nov 20th.

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