Sunday August 15 2021

The past couple of weeks have been fairly eventful, although nothing in particular stands out. In no particular order, Susan and I celebrated our birthdays. We took a trip to Lehman’s Hardware in Kidron, Ohio. Susan finally had an MRI done on her neck and lower back, Andrew & Tina paid off the house, I helped with a couple of moves. I helped give a blessing to sister in the ward, also helped bless Susan. We had the sister missionaries and Craig Frank (an investigator) here for dinner last Sunday. We were also visited by 8 missionaries on Tuesday who needed a house to for a video they were filming. On sad notes, Derek and Katrina have decided to end their marriage and Curtis is angry with me.

Susan insisted on taking me to JC Penney to purchase some shoes for my birthday. We also picked up a “quit claim” deed for Andrew and Tina – one the last steps in transferring the house to them. They paid us off using money from a business loan. We had about $30k of equity left in the house. I do worry about the amount of debt that they are carrying. On the other hand, it was nice to finally be done with the house and to see them starting to get excited about fixing the house up.

On Susan’s birthday, I gave her some very pretty (and live) yellow flowers in a pot, along with a card and box of Junior Mints. That was also the day that we had the sisters and Craig Frank for dinner. Susan worked and fretted quite a bit about the dinner, but it went well. Craig is a super-nice man who recently moved here. He’s very interested in religion, but not quite sure the church is for him. He’s been coming to church by himself on some Sundays so which is very encouraging. I think he would make a very strong member.

The trip to Lehman’s hardware was kind of a birthday present for Susan. We didn’t find parts for an old tiffany-style lamp she got while working for Victorian Rose that she was hoping to find, but it was enjoyable trip nevertheless.

Derek called Susan to tell her that he and Katrina are splitting up. We weren’t expecting it, but had been wondering why Katrina had decided to travel to New York City to stay with a friend for an indefinite period. We had also been talking about visiting Katrina and Gentry or having them visit us. Ever since we decided to move to Ohio, Susan’s been trying to think of ways to lure Derek and Katrina here. That doesn’t look too promising at this point. Now Susan is worried about how to help them get through this.

Some recent photos:

Flowers for Susan on her birthday
Looking toward the front of the house
Susan’s wheat weaving over a table we bought used and lamp shades from some tiffany-style lamps
Living room
Living room

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