Daily walk adventures

Susan and I try to do a daily walk – usually in the evening. We typically walk north along our street and then turn around and head back. Sometimes we make it all the way to Roosevelt Park, which is a little over a mile north. Sometimes we’ll explore side streets and neighborhoods.

We don’t meet too many people on our walks, but apparently do get noticed. It’s been fun to have people stop and tell us how sweet we look as we walk holding hands. Apparently it’s a bit of a novelty.

Last evening we had the biggest adventure to date. Susan wasn’t eager to walk because her whole right side was hurting from neck and back pain. Nevertheless she agreed. It wasn’t very late, but it was cool and overcast, and I didn’t consider the need to bring an umbrella. We had some heavy rain earlier in the day and I thought that as the end of it. We ended up making it all the way to the park and even walked through the park before starting back.

We noticed the sky gradually looking more and more threatening so decided to quicken our pace. We were a bit nervous, but were doing pretty good, and I felt pretty confident that we’d make it back before it started to rain.

But with about 4 blocks to go, the rain suddenly hit. There was no lightening, thankfully, but the rain drops were huge and quickly became a heavy downpour.

With no hope of staying dry, we decided to enjoy the experience as best we could. We were hoping no one would see our plight, but couldn’t escape the notice of passers by. One woman took pity and stopped her car next us to ask if we would like a lift. We thanked her but said we only had a couple more blocks to go.

We finally arrived home thoroughly soaked. In fact I can’t remember the last time I was that wet with all my clothes on. After we changed, dried off, and put on something warm and dry, we had to laugh at our little adventure. We won’t forget that walk anytime soon.

We got wetter than this couple!

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