More visits and visitors

We’ve had a few more people come to visit us recently.

Matt (my brother) and Cindy came up a week ago Friday. We had planned to feed them, but instead they offered to take us out to dinner. We suggested the nearby “Bogey’s” bar and grill. It was suggested to us by George and Barb Federkeil when we first got here, but I wasn’t impressed the first time we drove by. Then someone else in our ward recommended it and then I looked up their Google reviews and discovered they were highly rated.

So we wanted to give Bogey’s a try, and since it’s less than a mile away, it was an easy choice. Matt and Cindy got here about 6:30 and we spent about 45 minutes just giving them a tour of the house. At the restaurant, Susan and I enjoyed sandwiches while Matt and Cindy had fried fish. We loved it and will definitely return. The conversation was very pleasant. We discussed the farm and family mostly. We’ll get to see them again at Marcus and Olivia’s wedding celebration in July.

A couple days later, we visited Fred & Michelle Bosnakovic in Uniontown. They’re old friends dating back to when I was assigned to home-teach them in the late 90’s, but we hadn’t seen them in a few years. They showed us recent improvements to their home, including kitchen cabinets that Fred built, and an electric generator that starts automatically when the power goes out. They served us pizza and we enjoyed a lovely evening with them while we caught up on everything. Fred is nearly 75 and still working as a salesman for a commercial refrigeration company. Susan especially enjoys talking to Michelle.

Last Tuesday I met up with Paul Mcmahon at a Chinese restaurant in Salem Ohio, which is roughly equi-distant for us. He lives in Alliance. It was good to see him again, too.

Then on Wednesday, my sister Ginger made it here after several weeks of delays. She wanted to come with Phil, but he has no time available at this time of year with work, family, and his huge garden. Ginger decided to bring Sister Yvonne and Uncle Andy. It was great to see them all. Susan fixed a wonderful lunch – very attractive as well as tasty!

Sister Yvonne and Susan

Uncle Andy, Ginger, and Sister Yvonne

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