Memorial Day 2021

Andrew and Tina came here for dinner and brought Hunter and Harper, of course. Susan fixed a great meal – chicken gyros with various toppings, cheese & herb pull-apart bread, corn on the cob, lemon-cucumber water, and a fruit salad. Tina brought a big spice cake. We had a LOT of good food.

Andrew was also nice enough to bring a load of furniture and other stuff from their house, which we had loaded up on Saturday during our last visit to Hartville. They were things that had been sitting in the basement of the house since I moved out in 2009. It included a fairly expensive (at the time) sectional office shelving/storage unit thing with an attached table. It’s worn from every that’s happened in the house over the years, but in pretty good shape.. There were also office items from Akron-Canton Connection, Biz Center, and even our home inspection business.

There were also some old letters and several Japanese dolls from my mission. And I found a cup that Sarah had created out of clay when she was probably around 8 to 12.

Andrew drove their big box truck, which they use in their moving business, and Tina had to drive separately with Hunter and Harper. It hasn’t been used in the past couple weeks because most of their crew quit. They’ve had a very difficult time finding help this year. The unemployment rate is low and many are still receiving government aid due to the Covid 19 pandemic and have little incentive to work.

A couple weeks ago, I retrieved my old Weber grill from their house, and their visit yesterday finally motivated me to clean it up, which I spent over an hour doing. It’s a durable unit and in surprisingly good condition considering it’s about 17 yrs old. It’s kind of small, but fine for small groups.

The kids were very cute, as usual. Hunter was anxious to go outside, as he always wants to do. He finally got a chance to go out with me after we ate. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stay too late as they had some work to do, so Hunter ended up only getting about 10 minutes outside before Andrew scooped him up and put him into the car. Poor little guy – it happened so quick and unexpectedly that he became very upset. We had to say goodbye to them while he was still crying.

Harper was fun, too. She laid quietly in her carrier during most of the meal, but near the end I picked her up and we enjoyed watching her try to grab my fingers and simultaneously try to put her whole fist into her mouth. She also sang a little song as moved her fist back and forth against her mouth. I loved doing that with my kids as well.

We really enjoyed their visit. It a very nice break from our typical Monday routine.

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