Our First Visitors

Doug and Karen were the first family members to visit our new home, but they did it while we were yet in Washington State. They went through the house with our home inspector who was back for his second visit after furnace and other repairs. This was 3+ weeks after his first inspection. The second visit was delayed because I wanted to give Doug a chance to see the house without snow on the roof.

We invited Doug and Karen back 3 weeks ago for dinner, and they brought some very nice china teacups and a serving tray as housewarming gifts. This was right after we had gotten a coffee table, 2 end tables, and an entry table, and finally felt like the living room looked good enough for guests.

But they weren’t the first people we invited for dinner. Andrew, Tina, Hunter, and Harper came the week before (for lunch, actually). It was while they were here that Marilyn Tekac, a daughter of the first owners, stopped by to say hi.

Susan’s done an amazing job outfitting our home on a very limited budget. The living room, in particular, is beautiful, and all the furniture is used (found on Facebook and Craigslist).

Emily was our next guest (2 weeks ago). I was very pleased that she accepted our invitation. We had a very enjoyable dinner and visit with her.

We’ve also invited Gin and Phil, and Matt and Cindy, but they’re so busy – not sure when they’ll make it.

Susan, holding Elmo, in the living room (we need better lighting).
Other side of the living room.
Master bedroom

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