Andrew and Tina’s Office

Andrew gave me a tour of their office and garage where they store all of the equipment for their lawncare, landscaping, and moving businesses. I must say that I never envisioned anything like this when I bought Andrew a used walk-behind mower in 2002 or 2003 to give him something to do for the summer.

E&T used to be EarthnTurf, but it resembled the name of another business too much so they just went with the intials (Could be short for Endrew and Tina lol).
5 commercial mowers
4 snow plows (the red split ones are top of the line)
3 salt spreaders
1 of 3 trailers, and 1 of about 5 trucks
Box truck for the moving business with 2 more pickups
1 of 2 tractors
“Don’t take a picture of me!”
Not sure how they got this truck into the shop!
Leaf blowers
The office

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