Our Boating Adventure

I want to catch up a bit.

We went on a boat ride with Mark and Anita about a week and a half ago and it turned into a bit of an adventure. They park the boat at the southern end of Puget Sound (actually West Bay not far from the Capitol Building). They recently inherited a fishing boat. It’s well outfitted for fishing, but cramped and old. We putted north for a while, but Mark noticed something funny about the engine (although I didn’t notice it) and abruptly turned around after we’d been going for 45 minutes or so.

It turned out that we were running low on fuel despite the fact that the gauge indicated 3/4 full. We started back, hoping for the best, but it soon became evident that we weren’t going to make it. Mark considered calling the Coast Guard for help, but preferred to try to make it to a dock on the shore. He started toward the nearest shore, hoping to find someone who could sell us some gas. We found that we were able to keep the engine running if we tilted the boat to one side and simultaneously squeezed a rubber bulb in the fuel line.

We managed to limp to a dock and tie the boat up. No one was around, but we were kind of between 2 homes which were up a hill. Mark and I found a way up to one of the homes, but it looked vacant. Nevertheless Mark knocked on a rear door, and I was surprised when a man opened it. When Mark explained our plight, he didn’t hesitate to invite us inside, and then lead us to his garage where he had a 10 gallon can full of gasoline. Mark offered money, but the man refused.

Mark poured most of the gas into one of the tanks (apparently there are two), unfortunately spilling some of it into the water, then took the can back without trying to start the engine. Upon returning he discovered it wouldn’t start so had to go back and put the remainder of the gas into the second tank. This time the engine started, I returned the can, again offering to pay for it, but he refused again, and we happily headed home.

I wasn’t too worried when we started having a problem because I knew we could get some help in one way or another, but it was a little different for Mark because he was one in charge. I think it was a mixture later said he was really praying hard for some help when he realized we were running out of fuel. We’re planning to go out with them again, but don’t expect it to be such an adventure.

I quit my job with the 2020 Census a week ago yesterday. It was a good nearly 6 month run, but I was really getting tired of it. The income was decent – it kept is afloat and were even able to save money. There were moments when I was really busy, but for the most part it was a slow boring job and I really felt like it was holding me back from being an entrepreneur which I still feel is the best chance we have of staying above water for the future and achieving some of our dreams.

I was hoping to actually start producing business income before I quit the job, but felt more and more that I needed to quit, regardless, and put forth every effort to make self-employment work. We are now at 6 months and counting until the George’s return from their mission and we really need to get something going before then.

So far I’ve really been enjoying working from home, but of course no income yet, and it is a bit worrying. I’ve been down this path a number times in the past without success, but feel quite good about our chances this time around. I’m focusing on two business opportunities – real estate and digital marketing. The latter is one that I’ve been interested in for years, the former has long been a passing interest only, but since it’s something Susan is very interested in, I felt we really should try it for her sake if nothing else. I’ll add more details later.

I also want to mention that I love this time of year here. Blackberries are amazingly abundant – we come across some every time we take a walk so I’ve able to get my fill without much trouble. The thorns are wicked which dampens my enthusiasm just a bit, but there are plenty available for the taking.

So here we are at Labor Day weekend. Today (Sunday) we were expecting Derek, Katrina, and Gentry for dinner, but they canceled last minute. We went ahead and grilled hamburger as planned, regardless, and enjoyed eating them on the back deck. We both noted the fact that this was the first time we’ve eaten on the deck and marvelled that we had waited until September to do so.

I’ve also started sitting on the deck while working on the computer (or writing in my blog) — don’t know why I haven’t done more of that. It’s a bit tricky because it can get too hot and sunny, depending on the time of day and part of the deck you’re sitting at. There are some good size trees in the backyard, but not enough to protect you all day.

One other thing I enjoy doing is to walk on the treadmill in the finished basement for 30 minutes, and then relax on the patio which is located directly below the deck. It’s always cool and shady there. Been trying to do that nearly every day.

Anita and Susan on the back of the boat.
My sweetie on the back of Mark and Anita’s boat.
Wonderful blackberries (not my photo)

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