Teaching Primary

They were slower to extend callings to us here than they were in Albuquerque, but it finally happened. They called Susan and me to team-teach the 10-year olds — the oldest Primary class.

Yesterday was our first lesson. It’s the perfect time to start since it’s the start of a new year. We have 5 boys and 1 girl, although one boy was missing yesterday.

We all squeezed into what may be the tiniest classroom I’ve ever seen. 6 students is not a large group, but it was crowded in there.

Since it was the first day, there was the normal confusion of figuring out where to go. By the time we got everyone situated and did some introductions, we had less than 10 minutes to teach the lesson.

Of course, the new shorter schedule contributes to that. The last time we taught Primary, the class time was nearly double — about 45 minutes, as I recall, vs only 25 minutes now.

This year we’re covering the Book of Mormon, which I think is the best and easiest one to teach. It’s short enough that everyone should be able to keep up with the reading, and it’s also a lot easier to understand, in general, than the Old and New Testament.

Looks like it’s going to be a good year as far as our calling. We’ll get to know our kids pretty well. The down side it that we can’t participate in Sunday School, Elders Quorum, or Relief Society so will miss out on adult interactions and will be very difficult to learn everyone’s name, let alone develop any friendships.

Also wanted to mention that I’m a bit concerned about the Church start time this year — 9 am for Sacrament meeting. We (mostly Susan) were having a difficult time getting to church for 10:30 Sacrament meeting.

In fact, I was quite concerned about getting there on time yesterday. Susan’s been really struggling with getting up lately — frequently not getting out of bed until late morning. On Saturday night, we got to bed pretty early, but then she couldn’t sleep and ended up not going to sleep until very late — around 2 am I think. But, miraculously, she didn’t have trouble getting out of bed at 8:40 or so. Of course, she ended up taking a long nap after church.

Susan has struggled more and more over the years with her health — physical and emotional. Her energy level seems to be gradually going down and coping with a job has seemed almost out of the question since we’ve been here, although she has applied for a few.

She’s gotten some recent advice from a couple of friends. She thinks her adrenals are messed up and has started taking some new supplements. She’s also planning to meet with a couple doctors to discuss. Yesterday and today she seems to be good, though, so let’s hope for the best.

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