Susan’s Spiritual Promptings

Susan shared an experience today during Sunday School which I’ve heard before, but felt today that I should write down.

When she was in the Primary Presidency many years ago she had the assignment of finding someone to lead the children in singing during the annual Primary program. She had submitted several obvious names to the Bishopric, but all had been turned down.

Time was running out and she was feeling pressure to get this taken care of so she went to the Temple seeking for an answer. While there she received a distinct impression that she should call a particular sister. Her first reaction was that the sister wouldn’t be a good fit because of gossip she had heard. However, the prompting wouldn’t leave so she went ahead and submitted the name to the Bishopric who immediately approved and called the sister as Primary Chorister.

The sister accepted the calling and that’s when it became clear that she was a perfect for the job. She did an amazing job with the children and the Primary program turned out to be a wonderful success.

Unfortunately, the sister was not well liked by some of the sisters in the ward, despite her success in working with the children. Not long after the program she moved out of the ward with her husband because they didn’t feel accepted.

The story has a happy ending because they moved into a ward where they were able to find the love and acceptance they needed.

But Susan learned a couple of great lessons — the importance of 1) seeking and receiving promptings from the Holy Ghost, 2) supporting those who are called to serve, and of course 3) guarding against unrighteous judgement, and expressing love, tolerance, kindness, and respect for others, regardless of who they are.

Added 12/15/19: Susan shared another experience in Sunday School today that’s appropriate to add here.

Susan used to make wedding dresses and a bride came to her once, desperate because another dress-maker made a dress for her, but had done a poor job. The wedding was less than a week away.

Susan tried in vain to fix the dress, but the zipper was sewn in as a S-shape and couldn’t be fixed.

So with 3 or 4 days left before the wedding, Susan decided to make the dress from scratch. This was normally something that took her 3 to 6 months.

Susan was working late into the night, not getting more than a few hours of sleep in the final days leading up to the wedding.

But she ran into another problem – the sleeves were very complicated. She tried to follow the pattern that the bride gave her, but it wasn’t working.

The sleeves, in particular, didn’t work. They were large, puffy, sleeves that were popular at the time. But she couldn’t make sense of the pattern.

In desperation, Susan contacted the pattern maker hoping to get some advice. Instead, they acknowledged the fact that there was a flaw in the sleeve pattern, and there was nothing they could do to help.

With no options left, and only hours left to finish the dress, Susan got on her knees and offered one of the most sincere prayers of her life, asking Heavenly Father to help her figure out how to complete this dress.

At that moment, a vision came into her mind. She could see exactly what she had to do with the sleeves to make them work.

She went back to work on the dress, finally completing it as the bride was putting it on on the wedding day.

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