Our Anniversary Weekend in Santa Fe

Susan and I celebrated the 7th anniversary of our Temple Sealing by spending the weekend in Santa Fe. The actual date of our anniversary is Sept 17th, but we waited until Susan had time off from school for Fall Break.

We dropped Elmo (the dog) off with Debra, a friend of Paul’s, the dog’s owner, on Friday morning, and then headed north. Our first stop was at Pecos, NM to perform an insurance inspection at a gasoline station. It was nice that I was able to schedule it to coincide with our trip to avoid some extra travel.

We went on to Santa Fe and parked near the center of town. One of the things we wanted to do in Santa Fe was show one of Susan’s wheat weaving art pieces to a local dealer. We found his store, but he wasn’t in. We walked around a bit, looking at artwork mostly, and had dinner on a sidewalk outside “The Burrito Company”.

This is where we spent Friday and Saturday nights. Our hosts were Jonathan and Melinda

We spent Friday and Saturday nights at a lovely home northwest of the city that I found on Airbnb. It was home to a couple (Jonathan and Melinda) who were both artists which was particularly interesting because of Susan’s desire to create and sell her own artwork. We showed the wheat weaving piece to them and they seemed quite impressed and were able to offer some helpful advice.

wheat 2
Wheat 2 (photo taken by Jonathan, our Airbnb host).

Saturday was a beautiful Fall day with lots of sun and warm temperatures. We met up with the art dealer. He said he’d love to take Susan’s piece on consignment, and advised her to bring in 3 or 4 pieces of about the same size. So she’ll be working on that. One problem — she wants to find a nice piece of turquoise (or similar) jewelry as a focal point for each piece, but it’s quite expensive.

A highlight of our trip was that we were able to hook up with my cousin Don Seeger and his wife Phyllis. Ginger told me over a month ago that she found out they were living in Santa Fe. I tried, at that time, to contact them, but without success. Then I tried again the day before we left for Santa Fe, and this time they returned my call and we made arrangements to have dinner with them on Saturday evening.

After our visit with the art dealer on Saturday morning, however, we were able to meet up with Don as he as watching a store for a friend who had been called away on an emergency. We had a lovely conversation, but got interrupted by some customers so continued our walk. One of the places we visited had a warehouse full of old doors and various antique pieces made from wood that had been salvaged from all over. Everything was stacked up and many piece were even unprotected outdoors. It was interesting.

We also had time to do a little sightseeing outside the downtown area. We visited the site of Fort Marcy on top of a hill overlooking the city which was built in 1846 by the U.S. army during a dispute with Mexico. After that we took a drive up into the mountains to Hyde Memorial State Park. After that we still had some time to walk around the Santa Fe plaza area. Susan was mostly looking for some jewelry that could work for her wheat weaving.

We then drove to Don and Phyllis’s lovely home, also to the northwest of the city. We sat and talked a bit, then rode together to Rio Chama Steakhouse in the heart of the city. We ended up staying there rather late, finding more to talk about than I had imagined.

On Sunday, the weather turned cold and rainy. After checking out of our Airbnb home, we went into town again to find Canyon Road. Don and Phyllis had informed us that this was where to find an even higher concentration of art galleries than around the Plaza.

Unfortunately it was raining and we weren’t prepared for it so decided to take a drive to Bandelier National Monument, nearly an hour to the west. We got as close as we could by car and then stopped at a visitor center where we then boarded a bus which took us into the heart of the park. There we spent some time inside another visitor center, watched a movie about the park, and went on a guided tour of the museum. Finally we ventured outside, walking until we reached the ruins of a large pueblo.

At Bandelier National Monument in the rain.

On the drive back, we decided to visit Los Alamos. Unfortunately there wasn’t much for us to see there, and just as we finished up our drive through town we got a message from Jonathan, our AirBnb host, apologizing for not having time to photograph Susan’s art. Since we had to go back in that direction anyway, we decided to immediately go to their house and take him up on his offer.

In addition, I realized that I had forgotten to take a photo of Don and Phyllis so next went back to their home and took care of that.

Me, Susan, Phyllis, and Cousin Don

From there, we drove home to Albuquerque, stopping along the way to pick up Elmo who seemed to be very happy to see us. Susan also admitted she was really missing him.

So we returned, feeling grateful for a wonderful weekend together, and especially happy about being able to reconnect with Don. I’m sure we’ll be seeing him and his wife again.

Susan with her first wheat weaving.



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