Our move

Yesterday, we moved several miles south, from our townhouse apartment at 2300 Diamond Mesa Trail SW in Albuquerque, to 6321 Howe Dr SW. It’s a nice and fairly large ranch home, and still within the Sage Ward boundaries. It’s owned by Darrell and Roleen Rasband, who are currently serving a mission in the Dominican Republic. They will be returning a year from October so we will be here until then. Hopefully the next move will be more permanent.

We will be paying $500/month rent to live here when our apt. lease ends in October, and have responsibility for mowing the large yard. I think we may save as much as $300/month compared to the apartment. It was apparently a rather small home originally, but has been expanded over the years. One of the expansions turned the garage into a family room so we unfortunately don’t have a garage — one of the things we will miss compared with the apartment. It’s also further to the ward building and to work for both me and Susan. On the bright side, it’s closer to the Los Lunas Stake Center where I have regular meetings, and the property is completely fenced so Elmo (the dog) can roam and we won’t have to take him for daily walks. Since it’s on one floor, there’s no more climbing (although that was good exercise), which prevented some people in the ward from visiting us in the apartment.

Brothers Hamilton, Raya, and Zaugg helped us move, and we very much appreciate their assistance. We used their vehicles, plus Bro. Zaugg towed the scout trailer with his truck. Despite our efforts to reduce our possessions, Bro. Zaugg had to make two round trips and we’ve made multiple trips with our little car. We are giving away or selling virtually all of our living room and dining room furniture since the home here is fully furnished. Hopefully this won’t present a problem when we move again next year.


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