Susan’s Wheat Art Masterpiece

Susan has artistic talents, but has had little opportunity to express them. A few weeks ago, she saw some artwork hanging on the wall at our doctor’s office and said without hesitating, “I can make that”. It was primarily made of weaved wheat and some jewelry, and looked very difficult to me.

After doing some research online she purchased some supplies at Hobby Lobby and began working on her own version. This was shortly before my birthday so she also announced that it was going to be my birthday present.

I wasn’t sure how seriously to take her. It looked like quite a project to me, but before long, it started taking shape and I was amazed. She really did have a talent for this.

After it began to take shape, she told me she’d like enter it in the fair, but probably couldn’t do it until next year because the deadline was approaching. I suggested she try for this year so she started working a little faster.

School started last Monday, which slowed her down, but on Friday she made significant progress while I was at work.

Yesterday (Saturday) she put some finishing touches on it and we took it Hobby Lobby to be framed. The ladies there told her she could probably sell it for $1500!

We’re still not sure if the piece will make it into the fair — it’s going to be very close, but regardless, I’m going to have an absolutely beautiful work of art!

Showing off her masterpiece at Hobby Lobby. (It’s temporarily mounted on cork board.)



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