Elmo comes to live with us

We have a man in our ward (Paul Fredrickson) who’s been in the hospital since February. In July, I learned that his dog was alone in his home. Orginally we thought he’d been there the whole time, but later found out that he stayed with the Butts family for a while before they couldn’t take care of him so returned him to Paul’s home.

I got a copy of his house key and went in to check on the dog’s food and water. Susan was with me and the house was very warm inside. She also noticed that Elmo had very long hair. She immediately took pity on the poor little guy and decided that he not only needed to be groomed, but should come live with us.

So that’s what happened. Then, after he was groomed, she noticed a large cyst on his ear so we took him to a doctor. It turned out to be nothing serious, fortunately, although the veterinarian suspects he has other issues. He’s 13 years old and has a bad eye.

Paul is not doing real well in the hospital so who knows how long Elmo will be staying with us. Neither Susan or I have ever wanted a dog, but Elmo’s been good for us. He’s extremely gentle. In fact we’ve never heard him bark. I think Susan needs someone to nurture so they’re good for each other. He also forces out of bed by 7am for his morning walk. It’s been good to be on a schedule and we get more walking in.



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