My birthday and our fun Friday

Thursday was my birthday. I received text greetings from Andrew, Michael, Emily, my siblings, and even Kirk Lindstrom, and also plenty of Facebook greetings.  Doug was the only one who called me — at least so far. It’s pretty difficult for Susan to do anything without my knowledge so she was looking for an opportunity to write her thoughts in a card and to make a dessert for me. Luckily, I had to attend High Council meeting in the evening so she had a little time. I received a nice surprise upon returning.

On Friday, we decided to get out and have a little fun — partly because of my birthday, partly because of Susan’s birthday which is only 6 days after mine, and partly because we wanted to do something fun before Susan has to return to work on Monday. We started by going to the Breakfast Club for breakfast, then headed to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center to view works of art and learn about the Native American history and culture in this area.

I thought it would be a quick visit, but we were there for over 4 hours and still didn’t see everything. Our visit included a guided tour of the murals in a courtyard surrounded by the center, and also a free performance by a dance group (see photos and videos below).

I had to work at the Temple that evening, and was getting tired, but I wanted to do one more thing before going home which was to visit the Golden Crown Panaderia Bakery. I’d read about it on the Internet and it turned out to be worth the visit. They have many types of baked goods, along with sandwiches, pizza, and even milkshakes. We brought home a loaf of green chile bread, one of their specialties.


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