Calls from my kids

Today was a good day. Both Michael and Emily called me! Plus I exchanged text messages with Andrew.

Michael answered my text question about a job interview he had on Thursday. I guess it went just so-so and was plagued with technical issues, but he’s talking to a few other companies mostly in Utah and Washington. He’s hoping to find something very soon.

It was especially nice to talk to Emily. She’d been angry with me for several months so we hadn’t spoken. All of that seemed to be gone, however, and she had a lot to update me on. She’s living with her mom and working at a new grocery store in Canton at the old site of HH Gregg where Andrew used to work. Plus she’s attending Stark Technical College (I think that’s the one), hoping to graduate by the end of next year in Family Psychology (or something like that).

The big news is that she was recently called to be the Relief Society President of her singles branch. I’m so proud of her!

I also exchanged a couple of text messages with Andrew. He and Tina are working on the upstairs bath — looking good!

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