Father’s Day 2018

It’s been a busy weekend — cleaned the ward building yesterday morning, served as ordinance workers in the Temple with Susan last evening. Afterward, we enjoyed a delicious meal at the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant.

Today, Susan substituted in Sunday School, teaching the Gospel Doctrine class and I ran Teacher Council sessions during the 2nd and 3rd hour.  At the end of meetings, all the men in the ward were treated to ice cream sundaes.

Susan hardly got any sleep last night, partly because of her back, which has been hurting for nearly 2 weeks since we helped the Salisbury’s unpack. I think another reason she didn’t sleep was because she found out last night that Holly and her family moved to Eureka, CA a couple of days ago without saying goodbye. She was feeling very sad and angry about that. Who knows if we’ll ever hear from them again.

Susan really needs to take a break and get to bed early tonight, but since we’re planning to leave early tomorrow morning for a 3-week road trip, she’s spending the remainder of the day packing.

Andrew and Tina sent me a Father’s Day card, which was sweet. I haven’t heard from the others — another sad situation.

I am reminded of the Father’s Day gift my children gave me in 2006 — a swing seat and portion of rope from a swing that was hung in the mulberry tree in our backyard. I put it up sometime in the late 1980’s and it got a lot of use over the years.

The mulberry tree was always a source of annoyance due to the annual berry dropping and mess they created. In 2006, Therese finally had enough of it, and had it cut down, but Sarah was thoughtful enough to salvage the swing seat and rope, and each of the children wrote on the seat.

Sarah identified the seat by writing:

Swing — created with love 1996 by Marcus John Horning Jr. at 13304 Carnation Ave NW, Hartville, OH 44632 — hung under the mulberry tree.

1996 was the year that I built a large playset and sandbox near the tree, although the swing itself had been up for many years previous to that. The playset added some new excitement, though, as I positioned it so that the platform could be used to launch the children on the swing from a new height.

Sarah also wrote:

Daddy –
Happy Father’s Day! We wanted to give you something that meant the world to us and summed up anything you ever taught us about life – to take risks, have fun, laugh, make memories, and when we fall down, get up and try again. I love our big swing. I love you very much. Thanks for being my dad!
Love, Sarah

From Andrew:

Hey G
Be cool. Have a happy day.

From Michael:

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

From Emily:

You are the greatest! You have always listened to me no matter what and helped me through the hard times.
Emily 🙂

Susan later had the seat and rope framed.

Here are some photos I just took. It’s held up well over the years.







Fathers Day 2006 is now a distance memory, but a happy one, and I’m thankful that I have the swing seat to preserve it.


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