Visit with Curtis and Oliver

Curtis, Susan’s 3rd oldest child, travelled to Albuquerque, along with his wife, Kelly, and their 3 year old son, Oliver. The main purpose of their visit was to attend Jim Messegee’s (husband of Holly, Susan’s 2nd oldest child) graduation from the residency program at UNM Hospital.

Sadly, we weren’t invited to the festivities, but Curtis and Oliver spent a couple hours with us Thursday afternoon. We met at the ABQ BioPark and started with the Aquarium. Oliver loves fish and turtles.

Then we walked to an outside area where they have a fairly elaborate model railroad. We watched the trains move along the tracks, and Oliver could even control some of the movement.

Then we visited the insect building which Oliver also seemed to enjoy, but Curtis admitted it wasn’t his favorite. Susan says he’s never loved insects.

After that, we rode with them to a nearby Baskin & Robbins for ice cream cones.

It was a quick, but pleasant visit. As they dropped us off at our car, we made quick plans to meet up again when we visited Washington State in a couple weeks. Susan gave Curtis a long hug at the end.

I was happy that I had just enough time with Oliver to begin forming a relationship with him. We played a bit, particularly in the ice cream shop and then in the car.

Of course, the visit was short and tempered by the fact that we weren’t included in the weekend activities with Holly and her family.

Later I sent this text to Curtis: “Thanks for visiting with us today, Curtis. I’m sure you know it meant a lot to your mom. She wouldn’t dare to ask you to risk your relationship with Holly, and I wouldn’t expect it either, but you are in a position to help if you have the opportunity. Your mom’s been fighting depression for months because of the situation with Holly. It would mean so much to her simply have the opportunity to say goodbye to Holly and her family before they leave for California.”




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