Memorial Day at Jemez Springs

My sweetie and I drove to Jemez Springs on Memorial Day at the suggestion of Charlie, a fellow Temple custodian. It’s about 1 hour and 15 minute drive northwest of where we are in Albuquerque.

It’s beautiful, rugged area, with a history that goes back centuries. The early inhabitants’ way of life was violently disrupted when the Spaniards came and tried to Christianize them. To this day, it’s inhabited mostly by American Indians.

We arrived about noon at the first attraction – a powwow in the town of Jemez Pueblo, although I think a more apt description would be an arts & crafts show with some entertainment. We ended up purchasing a couple more pieces of artwork – a sculpted leather picture and a hand-painted hanging pottery.

We also purchase a fry bread taco, drove a mile or two further north and ate it at a rest stop. Delicious!

Continuing on, we stopped at the “soda dam” and then at a picnic and camping area in a beautiful forested area with some very impressive and steep rocks. Actually, impressive rocks were found all along the road.

We continued north, climbing all the way, finally turning around at a large, and relatively flat open area with no rocks or trees, except for a large mound in the middle that was covered with trees — would like to know how that got formed.

Returning, we found a narrow, winding road that lead to tunnels that had been cut out of the rock to allow timber trucks to travel many years ago. The tunnels were very narrow, allowing only one vehicle to pass at a time. and the sides of road, at times, were on the edge of a steep cliff.

We returned, happy that we’d found such a pleasant and interesting area in a land that’s mostly bleak and barren.



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