Held up at gunpoint

Late yesterday (4/18/18) afternoon, I was walking along a street in a neighborhood in northeast Albuquerque near Susan’s Acupuncture doctor when someone drove by, then stopped their car. A young man got out of the passenger side and pointed a gun at me. He walked quickly toward me, talking (more like yelling) to me almost as though he knew me, continuing to point the gun and demanded that I throw down my phone and then wanted my wallet. I took out my keys, which were the only things I had in my pockets, and explained to him I didn’t have anything else.

That made him angry and pointed the gun toward my shirt pocket, holding it just inches from my chest, asking if I had anything in the pocket, along with shouting obscenities. I showed him it was empty. He walked away, angered and irritated, carrying my phone, then threw it against the curb, got inside the vehicle, which had no license plate, and rode off with whoever was driving. I couldn’t see inside the car.

I walked over to retrieve the phone and then realized that my keys were nowhere in sight. The phone was badly damaged, but I wanted to find the keys so I looked around, then started walking down the street in the direction they were going, hoping for the possibility that he had tossed the keys out the window and that I might find them.

Finally giving up, I returned, looked some more for the keys, then walked back to the doctor’s office and went inside. Luckily, Susan had taken her purse with her set of keys inside with her. Otherwise we would have been locked out of the car. I retrieved the keys, without hinting that I had just been held up at gunpoint, and then waited in the car for Susan to get finished with her appointment.

Throughout the experience, I remained calm, not really feeling the imminent danger that I had been in. I was annoyed that my phone was destroyed and keys missing, but otherwise wasn’t feeling much emotion. Maybe it will hit me later. It has caused me to reflect on the possibility that my time on earth may not be as long as I have assumed. I don’t think I’ll be taking walks like I used to, something that I dearly love to do. It’s a shame.

Today, I’ve spent a good part of the day figuring out how to repair or replace the phone. Luckily I purchased a warranty which is due to expire in about a week. So I’ll be getting a new phone after paying a $99 deductible. Looks like the biggest expense will be in replacing the car key. I was quoted prices of around $200. Ridiculous!

This incident has had an effect upon Susan as well. She’s realized that if something happened to me, it would be life-altering for her and she wouldn’t know where to start. Of course, the same is true for me if something happened to her, although maybe not quite as great of an impact. I have, at least, made up a detailed list of things like important contact information, bank accounts, insurance info, etc., with login information and passwords, but we’re missing wills or any kind of documentation on what should happen if one of us dies or becomes incapacitated. We’ll be working on that.


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