Polishing Temple Marble

Last week, I received a message from from Loren, the Temple Engineer, which had been forwarded by the Temple President, which had been forwarded by the Stake President, which was forwarded by the Bishop. They were looking for help to polish some marble at the Albuquerque Temple.

The Temple is shut down this entire month while they do some major work, including replacement of floor boards in the “white hall” with marble. This is the hallway that connects the 2 Endowment rooms, Celestial room and Sealing rooms.

It turns out the marble arrived in not quite ready condition. It didn’t get fully polished and they needed some help from volunteers. So I sent text messages to Ed Lara, Jeremy Wallace, and Craig Rich to see if they wanted to go with me to help the following morning. Craig said he’d go up with his wife, but the other 2 were happy to go with me.

It was a beautiful morning. When we arrived, they had a lot more help than I thought they would, but it took some pressure off us. They assigned each of us a small section of marble floorboard, about 3 feet in length. Then gave us 3 grades of fine sandpaper and instructed us. After going through the progressively finer grades of sandpaper, we were ready to polish the stone with a powdery substance and a damp cloth.

In the 2 to 3 hours we were there, I got through 2 of these pieces. I think if I’d been more experiences, I probably could have done double that many at least.

Afterward, Ed, Jeremy, and I stopped for a meal at Wendy’s. I really enjoyed this little activity.

Some photos:

Ed Lara
Jeremy Wallace
My slab (maybe I’ll be able to identify it in the Temple?)

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