Last trip to the zoo

Last Friday, Jim and Holly needed a break from their kids who had been home for 2 weeks on Christmas break. Jim was off the last week, hoping to get some painting done in preparation for putting the house on the market.

So, we offered to take the kids to the zoo – one day before the annual pass, that we helped purchase last Christmas, expired. We had hoped to give them a ride on the other train (there are 2), but didn’t get there in time. Nevertheless we had fun. It was a beautiful day, considering it was late December – sunny with a high of 60 or so.

Highlights of day were probably our picnic lunch and a very nice playground inside the zoo. They also enjoyed the merry-go-round.

As for the animals, the reptiles and amphibians seemed to hold the most interest this time.

Fortunately, Henry didn’t have an accident in his pants like he did last time, so our visit was not cut short.

Elaine and Luke
Elaine and Luke
Susan taking photos
Touching the manta rays
image_01 (1)
image_01 (4)
Elaine, Luke, Henry
Elaine, Luke


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