Sister Winebrenner dies

I received a text message around 6 pm yesterday from Michael Winebrenner that his wife Jacque had died of heart failure in the hospital about 2 hour earlier. They are a couple in our ward. They have no children. I believe she has a sister in the midwest. She’s had multiple health issues for years, including rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. She was 62 I believe and they’d been married for 36 years. We had been trying to work out a time that the 4 of us could go out for dinner.

I called Michael immediately after receiving the text. I’ve cultivated a friendship with him in recent months. We’ve met for milkshakes a couple of times and I had just taken him out to lunch on Wednesday (today is Saturday). He’s got his own health issues, including cerebral palsy as a child which left him partially paralyzed. He has a brace to hold his foot in the correct position for walking. He’s only 56 or so and fairly healthy otherwise.

I wouldn’t exactly say we’re close, but I feel like I might be one of the best friends he has. We had been trying to work out a time when the four of us could go out to dinner and maybe a movie, but Jacque’s health prevented that from happening.

I feel badly for him. It will be alone more than ever. I’m not sure how this will affect him financially. On the bright side, he won’t have the burden of caring for his wife any more. I know that’s been very difficult for him, and for many years.


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