Christmas 2017

We made 3 types of cookies and delivered most of them on Thursday and finished the rest on Saturday.

Yesterday (Christmas eve) was Sunday, and we only had Sacrament meeting, which started at 1:00 pm. It was a beautiful service with music and short talks about Christ’s birth. In two weeks we rotate to the 9:00 am start time so no more sleeping in on Sunday mornings.

Ammon, Elaine, Luke, and Henry
Ammon, Elaine, Luke, and Henry wearing the pj’s we got them.

This morning, Christmas Day, we got up early and drove to Jim and Holly’s house. We arrived just in time to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Jim’s best friend, Matt, was also there, along with the 4 grandkids, of course.

After breakfast, we sat in the living room as gifts were passed out. Luke got the job this year. Of course there was a lot of excitement. Holly knitted a beautiful scarf for Susan and gave me a Kindle Fire. I was quite surprised. Their kids each have one and they use them mainly for playing games. I discovered that it can do just about everything that my iPhone can, but with a larger screen which will be quite convenient at times.

I took Keyni for a walk and then we left shortly after noon and went to UNM Hospital to visit Jacque Winebrenner. Her husband, Michael, was also there. She’s been in the hospital for over 10 days now and for much of that time was in a drug-induced coma so her body could heal. She’s got numerous health issues, including rheumatoid arthritis and now heart failure. They have no family here so need our support.

From there, we took a walk along the Rio Grande river. It was beautiful — sunny and in the 60’s today. After that, we heading home and fixed a quasi-Christmas dinner with candied yams, stuffing, and cranberry jelly, along with a couple of left-overs, but no turkey or ham. This evening we enjoyed the movie “The Miracle of the Cards”.

Oliver and Gentry
Oliver and Gentry wearing the pj’s we got them.

Susan received calls from all of her other children. Susan decided to get everyone on her side of the family pajamas this year and it worked out well. Holly took some nice photos of her family and Katrina got a nice shot of her son, Gentry, and his cousin, Oliver, in them.

I didn’t hear from mine, which is disappointing, although we did get to talk to Andrew and Tina last evening. She announced that she’s pregnant. We are very excited for her, but also a bit worried as they don’t have insurance and not much money. We also worry about Andrew getting into an accident while he plows snow.

I sent gifts to all my children and grandchildren. Andrew got a Lowe’s gift card. Michael and Emily got Amazon gift cards and some toffee, the grandchildren got stuffed animals and some Dr. Suess books. I also sent cards with letters to Sarah and David, Michael, Emily, and even Therese. I hope they received them in the spirit intended, and weren’t offended.

I want to mention a couple of positive things that happened this past week. We finally received farm sale documents from our attorney. I’m hoping we can wrap the sale up this week. Susan and I had a good meeting with an insurance broker and his partner here in Albuquerque on Friday. They are with American Senior Benefits and seem to offer everything I was hoping to find, especially mentoring, but also leads and even an office to work out of — and all at no cost to us. With that kind of support, I feel certain now that we can make this work so am excited about that.

I’m also working on yet another business plan for Yalzi/LocalStakes, but I think I’m going to change the name to “I Like Local” and use the domain It might make a nice slogan and T-shirt. The current business plan calls for someone to contact local businesses and then visit them to take photos and interview the owner or manager using Facebook Live. I think Michael could handle a job like that very well so would like to get him interested.

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