Labor Day 2017

Holly invited us to their house on Labor Day. It had been a while since we saw them – possibly 2 weeks or so, which seems like a long time when we were used to visiting 3 times/week. Anyway, the moment I walked in, I had all 4 kids plus the dog wanting my attention. It felt good even though it was a bit exhausting.

I have a routine of taking Keyni (not sure of the spelling) for a walk when we first arrive. That’s because she will not leave me alone until I do. Occasionally Elaine and/or Henry come along. That’s what happened yesterday which makes it tricky because they generally don’t want to stay out as long as Keyni and I. Yesterday, however, I talked them into walking to the front of the school.

Let’s back up a bit. We alway walk 4 or 5 blocks to a ball field which is attached to a school. For the past several months, they’ve been building a major addition onto it which has inhibited our walking. For a while we couldn’t even get close to the school, but now we can again. Anyway at the front, there are some nice trees and shade. We paused there for quite a while, first sitting on the grass, then picking up some pine cones, which they gathered into a hat so we could take them back to the house later. Then we started playing hide ‘n seek, which was fun. Then we started the fairly long trek back with pine cones, of course.

All the kids are allowed to play on their Kindle Fire’s for an hour or so beginning at 3 pm. Henry was obsessed with watching them as they charge and as the digital clock slowly changes. He insisted that I watch the Kindles with him, and was gleeful when the percentage of charge and/or the time changes.

He was the most demanding yesterday – also insisting that I give him a long ride on my shoulders.

I helped Jim a little bit as he was installing edging in the back yard around their playhouse and swing, which consisted of a single course of cement bricks (not sure what else to call them). Then we got mulch, hauling it in bags by truck. Ammon and Luke also helped, although they had to be bribed with a milkshake. By default, I was also the beneficiary of his generosity.

Then they grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and we had a nice dinner – most ate inside, but Susan and I ate outside with Elaine and, of course, the dog. She (the dog) follows me everywhere especially when we’re eating. She knows I’m the most likely person to give her some of the food. I obliged by giving her part of my hot dog. Elaine’s didn’t touch her hamburger. She was too full, but insisted she would have it for breakfast the next day. When her mom got wind of that plan, she said it wasn’t going to happen so when no one was looking, I gave Keyni the meat patty. I’m bad that way.

There was a lot down time and a bit boring at times, but pleasant nevertheless.


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