Ward Christmas Party 2017

The Sage Ward held it’s annual Christmas part last evening. This one was different for us because was assigned to produce a play. It turned out to be quite a project and has caused her a lot of anxiety for the past 2 weeks.

The play was a portrayal of Christ’s birth and the events occurring in both Bethlehem and in the Americas at the time. Here’s a link to the script.

We asked Brother Segura to build a stable and manger for us. We also got donation of hay, which we found out late is against the fire code.

She tried involve as many people as possible, and of all ages. I helped to make the script more clear and fit the resources that were available to us. I gave copies to the main participants. The one I should have done, is get someone (maybe me) to direct traffic, so to speak, making sure everyone got on stage at the correct time. Susan was too distracted with people talking to her and she lost her place at one point, resulting in “Astonished Nephites” going on stage instead of a choir group coming on to sing “Silent Night”. I was controlling part of the lights.

But overall, it went very well and she received many compliments.

Here’s a few photos:


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