Christmas Concert

After a very busy day at church — busy for me because of the Teacher Council that occupies my time during the 2nd and 3rd hours, but Susan had to conduct the Relief Society meeting and is trying to arrange everything for a play they’re doing on Saturday for the ward Christmas part, plus we stayed late for Tithing Settlement — we attended a Christmas concert at the Montano Ward building. They had a choir and people playing musical instruments, but the highlight was a “Handbell Choir” that performed several pieces, including, of course, “Carol of the Bells”. The song was actually performed twice – the second by 3 violinists. The handbell choir was a large group with only one selection that included all of them at once. After every song, they would rotate out.

We were able to sit pretty close to the front – right behind the handbell choir conductor and got to talk to him afterward. He said they’d been practicing since August. We also spoke to one of the members – a teenage boy who seemed to really enjoy his role in the performance.

In the choir were Fred and Joyce Anderson, former members of the Sage ward, and Vicki (can’t remember her last name), one my co-workers at the Temple.

We thoroughly enjoyed the entire concert – a very pleasant way to celebrate the season.

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