Experience is often the hardest teacher

Yesterday, we went to Los Lunas to attend a regional conference. For me, the most memorable line was given by Elder Edward Dube. He said “Experience is often the hardest teacher because you get the test first and the lesson later”. He also related an incident where one of his sisters had died while he was serving as a mission president and he didn’t learn about it until 10 days after the funeral. He felt hurt that his family had not bothered to tell him. Eventually, he decided to let it go, allowing the atonement of Jesus Christ to heal him.

I can relate to this. Being shunned by family members is a painful experience, but I am reminded of another verse from Doctrine and Covenants (122:7): “All these things shall give thee experience and shall be for thy good.” I think we should view all of our experiences as being for our good — perhaps the bad ones more so than the good. We should also express gratitude for them, but it’s equally important to ask Heavenly Father “what should I learn from this experience and what do I need to do to become the man (or woman) you want me to?”.


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