Andrew and Tina move into my old house

Andrew and Tina started expressing interest in my house in Hartville (at 643 Lynnview St. SW) several months ago. They wanted to buy it if the price was right. Susan was in agreement. Without a lot of thought, we told them they could have it for $125,000. I purchased it in 2003 for $150,000, but it’s been in a state of neglect since I moved out in 2009.

Marc and Lorie Cumo had been renting it that whole time and had broken a few things without fixing them. Some things they probably could have asked me to repair, but since they were periodically behind in rent, they didn’t feel they had the right. For the past several months they were actually pretty good about paying and even catching up from a period over last winter when they got behind because Marc had to change jobs.

After Andrew and Tina went through the house with me and Susan at the end of August, I told Marc that they (Andrew and Tina) wanted to buy it and that they (Marc and Lorie) needed to be out by Nov 1st. I was concerned that they wouldn’t go peacefully, but they ended up moving out without a problem on Oct. 20th and consistently made $700 payments every 2 weeks right up until the end.

They didn’t exactly leave the place clean, but at least they didn’t do further damage as they moved out, and even handed the keys over to Andrew without incident.

Andrew and Tina’s first view of the inside of the house after the Cumos left was a bit dismal. There were holes in the walls and urine in the carpet, and they ended up spending several hundred dollars clearing everything out, including the carpet. Doug was kind enough to patch the walls, and Karen helped clean things up as well.

Then they discovered that water was leaking around the bathtub and had Dana look at it. He replaced the tub for $2150 and Andrew was agitated because of the unexpected cost, and wanted me to pay for most of it. I didn’t really see it his way since we had given them such a good deal and weren’t aware of the problem (although it really shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone). I ended up offering to let them delay the first payment until Dec. 1, which appeased him.

I didn’t like the tension this caused between us and am happy that it seems to be resolved. I’m actually very happy that they are buying the house. It makes me feel a little more part of their lives, and my other children will remember me, as well, when they enter the house.

They are purchasing the house on a land contract and hoping to pay me off within 5 years. I just hope they are able to pay regularly, partly because I need the money to meet my mortgage obligation, and partly because I hate to have conflict with my own child.


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