Sunday Feb 19 2017

In the past month, I've been looking for a job, we were visited by Susan's nephew, Michael, and his family, Susan got shingles, and I'm making slow progress wih my business.

I'll start with Susan. She hasn't felt well for about 3 weeks – missing church 2 weeks ago because she was so weak and tired and hurting in general.  Then she started complaining about a lot of pain around her left hip. After several days we finally decided she might have shingles. She can hardly bare to have someone touch her left side around the waist area. Tight clothes are really uncomfortable. On Tuesday, a doctor prescribed an antibiotic while just talking to Susan over the phone.  Since then she seems to making progress, but missed work Thursday and Friday. Today (Monday now) is Presidents Day so she off today as well, and hoping she'll well enough to work tomorrow.

Susan also had an MRI done on her neck and back a couple weeks ago and we're anticipating some surgery on her neck in the summer which will hopefully help reduce the pain she's had there. Plus we're trying to figure out why her white blood count is low. They're taking her blood every week for 4 weeks to try to figure that out.  Plus she's supposed to see a psychiatrist because she seems to suffer from depression.  She sleeps up to 12 hours a day if she has the chance and has been doing that pretty much since we got married.

We have blown through a lot of money since arriving in New Mexico.  It's been disheartening.  We're really living on the edge right now so I've been looking more seriously for a job.  Of course, I was hoping I could start earning something with my business, but, as usual, it's been frustrating. I thought I might have some insurance inspection work, but that hasn't panned out.  Then I got the idea of working as a pest control technician. They're hiring right now – seems to be a booming business here.  One company is owned by church members and I was able to arrange an interview. That was last Saturday and I haven't heard anything from them since then. I confess I'm extremely reluctant to take the job. Getting to work by 7 AM without a car would be a major inconvenience.  And they expected me to climb fences which they have a lot of around here, and there are also a lot dogs to deal with. If there's any way possible, I want to make an income from my online business venture. Over the weekend, I was able to add about 400 connections for my LinkedIn account (now sitting at over 700 total).  I'm hoping I can use that to get some attention. Facebook ads didn't do much for me. I did get some attention from some Craiglist ads I ran – a guy who helps local businesses that are in trouble saw my ad and it looks like we will be doing some business.  My main plan right now is to interview and write about entrepreneurs, and publish their stories on LinkedIn as well as, and possibly send out a press release.  Then I'm hoping some will purchase press release services from me. In the process, I'm also hoping to turn ActionTakers into a social network. Not sure of the best way to really get this off the ground.

Mike Bean, his wife Wendy, and their 2 young children visited Albuquerque from Friday evening through Tuesday morning last week.  They are traveling by small RV, taking their time (2 months) to move from Utah to Washington State. We visited them Friday evening, and took dinner to them on Sunday.  Then they visited us while we held a Family Home Evening here for empty nesters – they were a bit out of place, but it worked out fine. High winds prevented them from coming to our apartment on Sunday and also kept them her a day or so longer than they planned. Mike is a programmer and has been able to save up some money, and doesn't expect to have any trouble finding a job – reminds me of my younger days so I kind of envy him.

I should note that my Michael (or Adrian, as he likes to be called these days) has decided to give up looking for a job in San Francisco after looking hard for over a month, although I have to correct that to say he is working for Uber and others as a driver. He's decided that becoming a coder/programmer might be the way to go.  There's a much bigger demand for them.  So he's planning to try to get into a coding bootcamp which is an intensive workshop that last 3-months. It's a big investment, however, and not easy to get into. He has to learn javascript just to apply. Frankly, I don't really think it's quite right for him, but it might open some doors along the way. I'm also a bit concerned about him from a spiritual standpoint. He's been going to church, but only attending Sacrament meetings and not making much attempt to get involved.  It will likely become more and more of a temptation to skip church altogether. I hope he can settle down pretty soon.  Marrying the right woman would help, but he doesn't seem to be looking right now.

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