Sunday Nov 27, 2016

We're finishing up a busy Thanksgiving weekend.  Susan was off starting Wednesday.  That morning she went to Holly's to watch the kids while Holly went to an appointment.  That was the first time she's gone on her own.  On Thursday we went in the evening, but just for a visit.  The big Thanksgiving meal was on Friday.  We got there about 1pm that day and helped get things ready.  I made some cranberry/orange relish and Susan prepared cranberry mashed potatoes and also helped Holly prepare other things.  They invited some friend's from the hospital where Jim works.  It was quite a feast – turkey and usual assortment of foods.

We also had a busy shopping weekend.  On Wednesday, we picked out an end table and lamp.  On Thursday evening, we got a small artificial Christmas tree.  Yesterday was our big day, however.  We decided to take a trip to Santa Fe.  I thought we were just going to site see, but we ended up walking around downtown where it's basically just a tourist trap.  We looked at some very expensive pieces of art that Susan loved.  The first thing we purchased was a very small plate for $8-9.  Then we stopped at a shop that had some small rugs on sale.  We purchased 3 for $200 and planned to hang them on the wall.  Then we walked next door and found 2 woven plates that would look good on the wall with the rugs.  But we looked a little further and ran into a fellow from Afghanistan who turned out to be a very persuasive salesman.  Susan fell in love with a 9 ft. Afghan Tribal runner.  Supposedly the retail price was $4800, but the salesman was willing to give it to us for $1700.  At first I had no desire or intention to purchase, but the more he talked the less resistance I had and we ended up purchasing it even though we really couldn't afford it.  I don't know why I didn't think about checking prices on the Internet.  After getting home I found a similar rug on the Internet for about $500 so it appears we got taken. After looking at our finances a little more closely, we're in danger of getting behind in rent and/or mortgage payments on the house in Hartville.  It doesn't help that the Cumos have fallen behind in their rent payment because Marc lost his job.

I don't think I mentioned that Susan was called to be 2nd Counselor in Relief Society and I was called to be Sunday School President so we're starting to get involved in the ward. This coming weekend, we're invited to a High Priest Social and also to dinner with Bro. and Sis. Gellman.  

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