Father’s Day

I had a great Father's Day despite being ignored by one of my children.  During church, I had the opportunity to visit Primary and felt inspired to share this Father's Day message with them.

I asked the children to raise their hands if they have a father, then asked them to raise their hands if they have 2 fathers. Most understood that their second father was Heavenly Father.  Then I asked them what the difference was between the two. I can't remember all their answers, but they knew that one big difference was that they can see their earthly father while they can't see Heavenly Father. Then I asked them how the two are the same.  One boy said they both have 2 arms and 2 legs.  Other said they both care about us.  I told them that both of their fathers love them and want them to be happy and to grow up.  Our earthly father helps us to grow physically while our heavenly father wants us to grow spiritually (although our earthly father should also be concerned with our spiritual growth as well). I asked the children if they ever have difficult experiences.  Of course they do, and I explained that Heavenly Father knows they will have these, but they are given to us to help us to grow.  I ended by saying that despite the fact that we typically can see our earthly father every day, there are times we can't talk to him.  On the other hand, even though we can't see Heavenly Father, we can talk to him anytime.  He is always there to listen to us.

Andrew and Tina came over for dinner.  Tina brought a very rich chocolate cake just for me – delicious!  Andrew gave me a funny card.  Michael also sent me a funny card a couple days earlier.  Both Michael and Emily called me while they were here.  Plus I received a card from Curtis, Susan's son, and a text message from her son, Derek.  

Of course, I'm saddened by the fact that Sarah is continuing to avoid and ignore me.  I pray frequently that I can somehow make amends with her and David.  I did send her a card for Mother's Day, which simply said "I miss you".  I also sent David a card for Father's Day which said "We don't have to be enemies" and repeated an invitation to lunch.  I don't know how well they were received, but suspect that they find it annoying that I won't leave them alone.  I feel I must periodically make some sort of effort at reconciliation. I don't them to think I don't care.  I saw Joselyn in Primary.  I want her to know that I love her, but don't know how to do it.

Susan was extra kind to me on Father's Day.  She is such a blessing to me and a joy to live with.




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