Michael’s Mission Emails, 2012

Jan 2 2012

Hello Family!!
Happy 2012!  Elder Adams and I were talking about it and 2012 is going to be a big year.  A lot of things are going to change and happen this year.  Anyway, Guess who’s getting transferred??? I’m going to Alta Sierra/ Lake of the Pines, I guess they cover 2 wards.  Its in the Auburn zone, and Auburn is a little closer to sacramento, but its up in the foothills, a lot like Paradise.  Which means it will probably be raining a ton. I’ll just be a senior companion, no other leadership responsibilities.  I’m excited to have a lot of time to work, with all the fewer meetings.  I’m really bummed though that I will miss teaching Vera.  She came to church today and is committed to be baptized on Jan. 28.  She is doing incredible, finding her was a real miracle.  We just tracted into her and she accepted baptism on the 2nd lesson.  I hope I can go back for her baptism.  I did however get to see Dave get the priesthood.  We have a lesson with him today, so a good opportunity to say goodbye.  I think those will be the only people I will really miss in the ward, I haven’t really grown close with many of the members.  Oh and Pauline committed to be baptized on Feb 4th and Jackson committed for March 3rd!  So right when things are looking up, I’m outta there!  But I think I’ve been extremely privileged because all the baptisms I have had, I have been able to be a part of the entire teaching process.  And its kind of interesting that I’ll only be in this area for 2 transfers.  Thats nothing.  As soon as I get to know the area/members, then I leave!  But I know that thats where the Lord needs me and I know that I need to do/learn something there.
Oh, and I dunno if anyone got the news about Brandon Vance, but Tanner just told me he took his life this morning.  I cannot believe that.  My prayers will be focused on the Vance family.
Oh and thanks for the package Dad!  I got it this week and really needed the socks and razor blades.
I think thats about it.  The biggeset miracles is that we have 3 people scheduled to be baptized, and 2 of them came to church, Pauline was sick.  And Dave getting the Priesthood was big too.  So now I’ve just got to figure out when I’m gonna pack all my stuff!
Love you all!
Elder Michael Horning

Jan 9 2012

Hello Family!
Well, I have been in the area for almost a week.  We are living in sort of a shack, it is pretty small, but fits all our needs.  We have a tiny fridge and freezer, so I’ll have to figure out what works best for lunches and such.  The area that we cover is gorgeous, its what I pictured Northern California to be like.  Its a lot like Paradise, but a little bit wealthier.  Ohm and fyi Mom “The Christmas Card” the Hallmark movie, was filmed in Nevada City, just north of me.  Maybe I’ll get to see some of the places in that movie.  We cover 2 wards.  Lake of the Pines is super tiny though, not much is going on in there.  And here is a crazy story for ya, Gigi Honer, who Miller and I taught and baptized in Rocklin, actually lives in our ward!  She was very surprised to see me.  She has not been going to church unfortunatly, but maybe thats why I’m here.  Just another example that the Lords servants really are receiving guidance from our Father in Heaven.  We experienced a little miracle too,  The only investigtor we are currently teaching, Mike Holt, came to church on sunday with his LA wife!  Apparantly its the first time he has ever come to church!  We had a long sunday because we cover 2 wards, we were there from 7:30 until 4!  But for the most part it was really good, I enjoyed it.  It was a little weird to bear my testimony twice though.  The weather has been super nice too, no rain, thank goodness.  Apparantly the big thing around here to do is disc golf, I guess it was started here years ago.  My companion is obssessed with it.  His name is Elder Gheen and he has been out for a year and he’s been in the area a long time, 6 months.  There seems to be a lot of potential in the area though, we’re not working with a whole lot of people.  I think thats about it though!
Love you all!
Elder Michael Horning

Jan 16 2012

Hello Family!!
Well, we had a pretty good week this week.  We found a new investigator!!  Her name is Mary, she is a referral from a member in the ward.  We actually are getting a really good amount of referrals just within the last couple of weeks.  There is a couple (Beets is their last name) that came to church (Lake of the Pines ward) who are returning to activity and we are going over to their home to teach them this week.  So we actaully are getting some more people to teach!  We had dinner with Gigi and her husband James this week too.  We invited her to church and she came!  That wasn’t very hard to get her there!  She said she called Elder Miller (Brady) and talked to him on saturday.  That was nice to get an update about him, he’s going to UVU and getting pretty serious with a girl it sounds like! And we are going over tonight to teach Gigi, so hopefully we’ll be able to help her see the importance of going to church each week.  Oh, and I almost forgot, thanks for the journal Dad!  I finally got it!  It is wonderful.  It was High Council sunday and we had some great speakers.  ONe was all about missionary work and he had a really good idea.  He was reading a talk from Elder Clayton Chirstenson and said that a succesful idea was to invite non members to events like a child’s baptism or to hear us speak in a sacrament meeting.  Who would say no to hearing their friend give a sermon?  (I hope not that many!)  ANd he said that the members had the missionary’s deliver the invtations to the non members.  Then after the event, the missionaries delivered thank you notes to the people and asked if they would like to learn more.  Neat idea huh?  So maybe I can invite Phil or Meredith to hear my homecomeing talk!  SOmeone please remind about that if I forget, that sounds like a great idea!  I think thats about all the exciting things that happened this week.  This morning the Plummers had us over for breakfast, which was really nice of them.  I think thats about all the news from here!  Thank you for your emails and suppport!
Love you all!
Elder Michael Horning

Jan 23 2012

Hello Family!!!
I guess it snowed there, and the rain is starting here.  But this area really needs a drink.  Oh and please tell Sister Guthrie thank you for her package!  I finally got it, I guess it was supposed to be for Christmas.  It was very unique and creative, I really enjoyed it.  Oh and I got Phill and Ashleys wedding invitation!!!  That is so crazy that they are getting married!  I think we all predicted this was happening since the 4th grade.  They have really had quite the history!
We had some really good success and progress this week with Mike & Cindy (our only investigators, well, Mike is an investigator and Cindy is a LA).  We committed Mike to baptism on tuesday for the 28th and he said yes!  But when we went back on thursday he was still smoking so we asked him what date he thinks he will be done smoking by and he said he doesn’t know.  So we picked up and dropped a baptismal date in the same week!  But I think he’ll still get baptized, it just might take him a little while.  He said he would be willing to go the the Addiction Recovery Program meeting, which is an incredible step!  A great act of humility.  So we’ll see if he does it this week.  They came to church on sunday too!  So things are looking good for them.  Other than them, we’re not really teaching anyone else.  We couldn’t get in touch with Gigi this week unfortunatly to teach her.  We picked up a few potentials this week from tracting.  I really love knocking doors if we don’t have a lot of people to teach, I feel like its probably the quickest way that we will build our teaching pool.  I wish we could do it a lot more, but we are stuck in the car a lot.  We had church all day again on Sunday. We had meetings from 7:45 until 4 PM.  The shack is still doin well, its keepin us warm and out of the rain.  I think thats about it though on what happened this week!
Love you all!
Elder Michael Horning

Jan 30 2012

Hello Family!!!
Thanks for the Birthday wishes!  It will be weird to say I am 22 because I don’t feel that old at all.  First things first, I was going through the “gifts” the Relief Society from the Canton Ward sent and I came across the Frosts and there was a really significant gift there!  Thank you Frosts!!!  Or if they don’t get this than tell them thanks for me, I really appreciated it.  They are too good to me.
Well we actually had some really incredible news this week.  We found 2 new investigators!!!  They are both from Part Member Families.  One is a guy named Dave, his wife is a RC of only a year I think.  She was Catholic and he is currently.  She was saying she is a “traditional” catholic, which I guess is more strict than a normal catholic?  If Mom or Dad wanna shed some light on that that would be great.  I bet grandma is more traditional huh?  I really wish I would have learned more about the Catholic church and its traditions from you two Mom and Dad.  I bet it would have really helped me out here.  I really didn’t appreciate it growing up that you two are both converts!  I am definatly one of few missionaries today that can say that.  You just feel like you’ve been members your whole lives!  Anyway, Dave apparantly was super against his wife going to the LDS church, but has softened up.  He wouldn’t let her join for 2 years!  His wife (Karen) has told us that he has said he is never joining the church too.  So it was a huge miracle when he said he would let us teach him!  I actually wasn’t there for this lesson by the way, we were on exchanges, so that was kind of a bummer, but I’m just glad we’re teaching someone new!  Another cool thing happened this last saturday as well.  In Oroville, in my last ward, Vera Burquist got baptized!  We found her by tracting and it was neat to see her progress so quickly!  I’m sad I couldn’t teach her the entire time, but I feel good knowing that I played a part in being an instrument in the hands of the Lord and finding her.  Mike and Cindy also made it to chruch this week!  Thats 2 times in a row for them!  They also attended the Addiction Recovery Program on thursday as well, so they are doing really well.  They are the first people I’ve taught that have actually attended that.  So things are very slowly picking up.  We have had a couple people express some interest from tracting, so hopefully that yields some fruit.  Oh, and to answer Dad’s question about liking tracting.  I think I like it if its not an all day thing.  I think I am really liking it because my last 2 companions were not huge tracting fans and so we didn’t do it very much. So I thnk I’m liking it because I haven’t been able to do it in so long and I know I’m not going to be able to do it after I’m home.  But I feel like I’m not doing my job if I don’t talk to people.  Thats really the most exciting part about missionary work I think is finding people.  But I think thats about it!
Love you all!  Have a great week!
Elder Michael Horning

Feb 6 2012

Hello Family!


Thank you for all the birthday surprises!  I was very surprised that Sister Plummer knew it was my birthday.  We’ve had a little drama here with a family in the ward.  I declined their invitation to do service for them and the wife is upset.  But they use the missionaries way too much and just want the missionaries to hang out with them.  But I could see how it looks really bad.  Its like I don’t want to help anyone.  But I feel like going out and visiting people and knocking on doors and proselyting is something we’ll only get 2 years to do and there are other people who can take care of the active members needs.  I defiantly did not think that my last area would be like this.
But anyway, Mike and Cindy are doing well still.  They came to church again this week and they also went to the ARP class again.  I think they’re making slow progress on the smoking.  We actually helped Mike with renovating a house that he’s doing for his daughter.  We have a lesson tonight with the Dave.  His wife joined last year and he is slowly softening up.  His wife, Karen, still can’t believe he’s opening up to us and meeting with us!  So that is just a huge miracle, I just hope we don’t screw it up!  We ran into a LA lady this week named Kim, she isn’t too int in coming to church, but her 3 kids seem like they would be.  We are hoping that is the kids want to go to church badly enough then the Mom will take them and be a little more interested.  So hopefully that works out.  We have zone conference this week… my last one!  Elder Adams also sent me a package this week too for my birthday!  That was way nice and thoughtful of him.  I’ll see him on Friday at Zone Conference.  Next week we will find out transfers, so we’ll see if Elder Gheen or I are leaving!  We’re pretty sure he’s going, but you never know!  Thanks for your updates!  I hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Michael Horning

Feb 13 2012

Hello Family!
We got our transfer calls yesterday!!!!  Elder Ghee is going to Yuba City and I am getting Elder Burrell.  Elder Burrell has been out for 3 transfers and I was actually his Zone Leader in Gridley, so we already know each other pretty well.  He’s a great missionary, I’m very excited I’ll be with him my last transfer.  I feel like it doesn’t happen often where your with a guy you’ve already served around, but I’m not complaining!  I was actually the first person he ever went on exchanges with since he was trained in Gridley.  Kinda funny.
We actually had a bishopric change in the Lake of the Pines ward.  The new bishop was the Elders qourum president and is actually a convert of I think like 10 years.  Mike and Cindy came to church in the Alta Sierra ward, they also brought their grand daughter Samantha who is 10.  We also had another investigator there, a little guy named Noah.  He is 10 as well.  We’re trying to get the whole family to come of course, but right now Noah is the only one who is willing to come.  He is such a great investigator too, he read all of what we told him and before we left he asked what he should read for next time.  He has such a great hunger to learn.  Mike and Cindy actually have a full week this week too, they have been invited over to a families home for FHE on Monday, then Tuesday we have a lesson with them, then Thurs they go to an ARP class, then Fri and Sat they have been invited over to members homes to eat!  That is a full weekof exposure to the church!  Dave still doesn’t want to come to church, but I was inspired from Zone Conference to plan on committing him to be baptized the next time we teach him.  So we’ll see what he does with that.  He read the assignment that we gave him last time.  We taught him the Restoration and he said that he disagreed with a lot of what we said, but told us that he didn’t invite us over to argue with us.  So that was cool to hear.  We picked up another investigator this week too, her name is Katie.  We found her tracting, she said she’s searching for something in her life, so hopefully she’ll find it here.  Things are really picking up here, slowly, but definatly picking up.  We actually have  a good amount of appts set up for next week.  We had one neat experience at dinner on sat.  We had dinner with a family, the Bearry’s, and they have a niece who is staying with them.  She ate dinner with us and we offered her a BOM and she intially declined, but later on in the lesson she asked if she could have it!  So the family is continuing to talk to her and she says she has Qs for them!
Something that impressed me at Zone Conference is the question President Weston posed to us.  He asked “Do I get IT?”  And the IT is the Atonement.  And do I really get it?  I think I understand it a little.  I know the only way to access the Atonement is to give Heavenly Father our will.  When we submit our will to Heavenly Fathers, and make covenants to obey him, then the power of the Atonement can be manifest in our lives.  I love that question anyway.  Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week!
Love ya!
Elder Michael Horning

From: Polly Marie Harrell <polly.harrell@ldschurch.org>

Date: Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 9:11 AM

Subject: FINAL REVISED RETURN Travel Itinerary For HORNING/MICHAEL ADRIAN – 27Mar – 44D4X6

To: California Roseville Mission <2010194@ldschurch.org>, “THORNING13@GMAIL.COM” <THORNING13@gmail.com>


I found this flight that will work better than him arriving at midnight.
Polly Harrell
Missionary Travel services
CHURCH TRAVEL CWT                          DATE 17JANUARY12
TELEPHONE: 801 240-5111                    HORNING/MICHAEL ADR 142491-R
FAX      : 801-240-5115
SERVICE               DATE  FROM           TO             DEPART  ARRIVE
_____________________ _____ ______________ ______________ _______ ______
L ECONOMY                   TERMINAL A     TERMINAL S
           NON SMOKING      FOOD FOR PURCHASE             NON STOP
                            RESERVATION CONFIRMED         4:22 DURATION
                  AIRCRAFT: BOEING 737-800 (WINGLETS)
                            SEAT 25D NO SMOKING CONFIRMED
L ECONOMY                   TERMINAL S
           NON SMOKING                                    NON STOP
                            RESERVATION CONFIRMED         1:48 DURATION
                  AIRCRAFT: BOEING (DOUGLAS) MD-88
                            SEAT 26C NO SMOKING CONFIRMED
     ETKT:DL/006 7033562513
CHURCH TRAVEL (801-240-5111 OR 1-800-537-3537)
PHONE 916/ 791-7558 OFFICE 791-5793 HOME
          MISSIONARY TRAVEL (800) 537-3537 OR (801) 240-5111
           EMPLOYEE TRAVEL (800) 537-1232 OR (801) 240-1387
        GENERAL AUTHORITY TRAVEL (800)453-3860 OR (801)240-1000
Use CheckMyTrip to view your itinerary and flight changes at any time:

Feb 20 2012

Hello Family!!
We got some pretty exciting news this morning.  Elder L. Tom Perry will be here on March 8th to speak to us and the Sacramento mission!!!  That will be exciting.  And I hope Joselyn’s birth goes well!!!  Good luck Sarah and David!
It was my first week with Elder Burrell and he is such a great missionary.  He is obedient and works really hard.  He actually had a cold this week but didn’t complain about it and didn’t use it as an excuse to work less.  It was just like he felt normal, but I knew he probably didn’t feel that great.  So he’s a trooper, I really like him.  I just have to remember to be humble.  I think thats probably why I didn’t get along with a lot of my companions, I was too darn prideful.  We had a pretty good week this week, Dave came to church!  He said he wouldn’t be there so it was quite a surprise to see him there. He also sai a kneeling prayer this week at our lesson, and read 15 chapters of the BOM!!!  So he’s doing pretty well.   Mike and Cindy unfortunatly didn’t come though, Mike was trying to get a house remodel done and the deadline is coming up fast.  Noah was also at church too.  That kid is such a stud.  He is going to be a leader in the church one day.  He actually is in the same spot in his BOM reading as Dave.  He read 15 chapters in the BOM as well.  He’s awesome.  We didn’t find anyone new this week to teach, actually, take that back, we are now teaching a RC in the Lake of the Pines ward.  She never go the new member lessons, so we will be teaching her and her kids those.  Her name is Jen by the way.  No new investigators though, but we have some good possibilites for next week.  There is a couple, Beau and Monet, who have been coming to church consistently for months in the Lake of the Pines ward who are finally ready it seems, to get baptized.  We can’t meet with them this week, but hopefully will the following week.  So things are going pretty well.  I think thats all new that has been going on here.
Love you all!
Elder Michael Horning

Feb 27 2012

Hello Family!!!
Well, I guess we had some big news this last week!  Congratulations Sarah and David!  And welcome to the world Joselyn!  Thanks for the pis Mom and Dad.  I hope everything goes well with the new baby.
I just found out from President Weston that our MTC district will be all going to the temple together the Friday before we leave!  I’m really excited for that.  Oh, and I forgot to include this in my letter to you Mom, but shipping my bike home will only cost $21, so I think I will send it home because it is so cheap.  What do you think?
Only Mike and Cindy came to church this week, which was great, they brought both of their grand kids this time, usually they just bring one.  But unfortunatly we didn’t have any other investigators at church.  We didn’t find anyone new this week either.  We knock a lot of doors, but not a whole lot of success.  We probably are going to be spending more time tracking down LAs, and maybe there will be a PMF we can start to teach.  Actually, all of our investigators are PMFs.  I like what our bishop said this week, he said that in prosperous communities that the appeal of the gospel isn’t so much, you need the gospel, but the gospel needs you!  We need your help sorta attitude.  I really like that idea.  Especially because our area is pretty affluent.  Inviting people to help on a service project is a great way to get people involved and interested, so the Bishop is trying to think up some service projects to do.
And for some exciting news… I ran into a fence backing up!  I was so embarrased!  I’ve never scratched a car until 4 weeks before my mission is over!  I was bummed.  But I wasn’t having my companion backing me, so thats what I get for being disobedient in the small things.  And it was so dumb because at lunch time we were watching the car safety DVDs and in the DVDs it made a comment about, “you should make it yur goal to go throug your mission accident free.”  And then I told Elder Knight (we were on exchanges) “Thats me Knight, zero accidents!”  And then literally, less than 2 hours later, that happens!  I hate karma.  But the car is only scratched, but still, I hate that any damage was done.  But that was kind of an exciting thing that happened this week.
But I think thats about it!
Love you all! (and the new addition)
Elder Michael Horning

Mar 5 2012

Hello Family!!!
I just had my first shamrock shake of the year and it was fantastic!  Its great to hear that Sarah and Joselyn are doing well.  Hope you had a good birthday Mom!  Joselyn was born pretty close to you huh?  I just sent off a package with a lot of my journals and books, so hopefully that gets there in 2-3 weeks.
We had a pretty good week this week.  We were kept pretty busy with lessons, I think its been one of the highest totals on my mission.  A lot of things really fell into place.  Still no new investigators though.  We haven’t had any new ones all transfer.  But things are looking good with a mother and daughter that came to church, Rita and Anya.  They were invited by a family in the LOP ward and they came!  We don’t know how interested the mom is, but we’ll see!  We have dinner this week with Beau and Monet, a young couple that come to church almost every week, just aren’t baptized.  So we’re hoping to start teaching them and set up a baptismal date!  We had kind of a funny/bad experience this week.  On Saturday we were scheduled to eat with a PMF, the Salters.  We tried to get a hold of them on Fri and on Sat, but we couldn’t get a hold of them.  So we thought they forgot and so we ate at someone else’s home.  But they called us and they were totally expecting us!  So that made me feel bad, I haven’t ever had that happen, but it would have been nice if she would of tried calling us though.  We had a great experience with an older guy in the ward, Brother Hoer.  He was driving us back from a lesson and he shared some really meaningful experiences with us.  He is a great father and grandfather, I really appreciate his counsel.  We had a neat experience on Friday, a lesson in the evening cancelled on us and then out of the blue, Mike and Cindi called us after our dinner and asked if we could come over that night for a lesson!  So that was a big blessing.  Mike and Cindi came to church, and they brought their 2 grand kids.  The only thing is that they are still smoking, but I think what we’re going to do is just focus on quiting smoking from now on in our lessons.  We have a lesson with Dave tonight.  He’s reading a lot of the BOM, but he isn’t coming to church and is kind of just checking out what his wife believes instead of wanting to change.  And Noah is still doin awesome.  We talked to his LA dad this week, who is a returned missionary, and its really sad to see his attitude toward the church.  He is very resistant to coming and has been super negligable in teaching his children gospel principles.  For finding, we’re trying to visit all the members on our ward lists, there are quite a few!  And we’re inviting them/giving invitations to them to invite their friends to a chapel tour on March 18th.  We’re hoping that activity generates a lot of success.   I’m really trying to work on always extending invitations to people and not being scared of it.  Sometimes I second guess myself when I shouldn’t.  I really need to work on that. And we get to see Elder L. Tom Perry this week too!  I’m super excited for that!  But I think thats about it!  I hope everyone has a great week!
Love ya!

Mar 12 2012

Hello Family!
Our meeting with Elder Perry was pretty neat, but unfortunatly we didn’t get to meet him.  If I did I wanted to mention that I live where he served his mission.  I think he served in Mansfield.  It was really neat to see all the missionaries there too, I got to see all my past companions and the Elders I’m going home with too.  It was a nice little reunion.  Elder Perry talked to us about the priesthood, he talked about how the prophet is called.  He said it was a very unique system, which it is.  He said that the Lord knows who he wants to be called and it is the most senior Apostle that gets chosen, and the Lord makes sure that basically who he wants to be prophet just outlives everyone.  And it is perfect because the Lord has power over life and death.  I thought that was kinda interesting.
I packaged up my bike today, so thats all taken care of.  I went to the dry cleaners and am getting my suit dry cleaned for the first time since I’ve been out too!  So that will be very exciting.
We had a great week this week too.  We finally found 2 new investigators!  We had dinner with the Plummers and they invited their friends, Scott & Jeannie.  They are going to feed us next week actually.  Brother Plummer talked to Scott later and Scott said that he checked out the internet and he had a lot of questions.  Which we assume is Anti, so we’ll see!  They don’t seem like they are searching for the truth.  Which is something that Elder Maynes of the 70 was talking to us about.  That we are looking for truth seekers who will keep the commitments we extend to them.  We were surpried by 4 investigators coming to church on Sunday!  Dave came, I think to probably hear his wife sing, and we are teaching another PMF named Jake and Heather and Jake came to church too.  We have a lesson with them tonight too.  And Mike and Cindi and Noah of course came to church.  They are solid.  We didn’t have an appt on Sunday and Mike randomly called us on Sunday evening and wanted us to come over that night!  They are really struggling to quit smoking, I suggested to memorize a hymn and sing it when they face temptation (thanks bishop Hunter 😉 Cindi took the advice, but I don’t think Mike did.  So we have some pretty good things going on.  I think thats about it, can’t think of much else. Thanks for all your updates!
Elder Michael Horning

Mar 19 2012

Hello Family!!!
Guess what?? We had snow this weekend!  And one of our wards was cancelled as a result!  It didn’t snow more than a couple inches, but since we have a lot of people that live out in the boonies then I guess the bishop thought it would be safer to not have church!  We had our chapel tour on Sunday too, it was probably the worst weather ever for it, but we still had a nice turnout.  We had 3 LA famalies and one non-member couple that showed up with a member family.  President Weston actually came and spoke too.  We thought we were going to have a lot more people there, but it was still good.  And we didn’t have anyone at church at LOP and obviously for AS we didnt have anyone.  We have some pretty good prospects next week.  I wish I would’ve set some higher goals this transfer, but I think for this next week, I want to find 5 new investigators.  We will get one for sure with a referral from our WML.  His daughters have been bringing a girl named Rachel to church, and she said she would take the lessons.
I’m excited to see everyone next week!!!!  I don’t think I’ll be checking my email next week, so don’t feel obligated to email me.  Ummm, I think thats about it!  Sorry its a short one.
See you all next week!
Love ya!
Elder Michael Horning

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