Smoke over Washington State

The wildfires have really been bad this year -- some of the worst on record. Dozens of people have been killed, and many have lost their homes or have been temporarily displaced. I've even heard of whole towns that have been mostly destroyed by fire. Although the biggest fires are in California, they've occurred all … Continue reading Smoke over Washington State

I Believe in Guardian Angels

This was written by Susan several years ago as a class assignment while she was in the BYU-I Pathway program. Her teacher felt it was good enough to submit for publication in the Ensign, one of our church's magazines. Susan never submitted it because she's a little too shy and not sure it's good enough. … Continue reading I Believe in Guardian Angels

How Susan received help from a future Apostle

Susan told me this story some time ago, but mentioned again recently, and I felt it was worth documenting. The year was 2003. Susan was single, having just divorced her first husband earlier that year. She was raising her children mostly on her own. Her daughter Holly, graduated from high school in June. Around this … Continue reading How Susan received help from a future Apostle