Visit to the Park

Derek and family visited today, which they do most Sundays. Today we decided to go to a nearby park. The Deschutes river flows through the park and Gentry wanted to explore so the river was the natural place to go. We saw people floating down the river and others fishings. Gentry enjoyed throwing sticks into … Continue reading Visit to the Park

Mother’s Day 2020

Susan heard from all three of her boys (Kacy, Curtis, and Derek). Nothing from Holly, unfortunately. We thought that Derek and his family would be here for dinner, but his wife (Katrina) didn't feel well so it was just going to be Derek and Gentry. But it didn't seem right to leave Katrina home alone … Continue reading Mother’s Day 2020

An empty Conference Center on General Conference weekend

At the conclusion of last October's General Conference, President Nelson told us to look forward to a very special April Conference when we would be commemorating the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith's First Vision. The 190th General Conference, which ended today, was indeed memorable for that reason, but will probably be most remembered as the … Continue reading An empty Conference Center on General Conference weekend